Kendra Lowe is a composer, singer, touring performer, and studio musician with perfect pitch. She also enjoys running a studio composing for television and film, as well as creating arrangements and full orchestrations for various artists.


Kendra started studying the violin at the age of 2, and by the time she was 6, she had performed with the Utah Symphony and added the piano. A few years later she picked up the banjo and soon after added organ to her daily practice routine. Growing up, her entire family would start practicing at 4:30 am, followed by more practicing after school. She was blessed to have private teachers for every instrument.


In 1994, The Lowe Family began touring on the road up to ten months out of the year. They eventually relocated to Branson, Missouri where they performed six shows a week during an eight year run.


In 2005, Kendra returned to Utah to finish her degree at Brigham Young University. Upon graduating with a Bachelors in Media Music, Kendra moved to Jackson Hole Wyoming, to act as the musical director for the Jackson Hole Playhouse.


In 2008, after performing in front of Vince Herbert (Streamline Records), Jimmy Lovine (Interscope), and Doug Morris (Universal), Kendra was signed to Interscope Records, where she got to work with some of the greats in the music business, including, Harvey Mason, Jr, and Damon Thomas.


During the Sundance Film Festival in 2009, Kendra had the opportunity to accompany David Archuleta, and she soon found herself on the road with the American Idol star. She enjoyed four successful tours that same year with David, including the role of musical director for his beloved Christmas tour.


Kendra enjoyed her role as the Assistant Executive Producer of the Stadium of Fire during 2010 and 2011, performing and producing alongside the likes of Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley. She was also in charge of producing a very successful patriotic program held in the Marriott Center during those same years.


Kendra has been heard on every major network and radio station, has performed all over the world as well as every US state, and has enjoyed sharing the stage with such artists as Wayne Newton, Tony Orlando, Kristin Chenoweth, Gary Sinise, Charlie Daniels, Five for Fighting, Donny Osmond, The Osmond Brothers, Lindsey Stirling, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, The Lenon Sisters, Andy Williams, Alabama, and more. She has also had the privilege of performing for two different US Presidents, the wounded soldiers of our country's military, and thousands of veterans young and old.


Her skills and abilities have allowed her to record for dozens of movie soundtracks, as well as movie trailers including Toy Story 3. She has played on a number of TV show themes such as World Cup Soccer, The Today Show, ESPN, NBA Finals, and has also recorded the music for several video games including Lord of the Rings.


Currently, Kendra is working as the musical director, arranger, and pianist for Lexi Walker, a 12 year old singing prodigy. She also continues to join David Archuleta for special events.


Kendra enjoys culinary arts and gardening, reading, rock climbing, spending time in the mountains, riding motorcycles, and hanging out with her incredible 92 year old grandmother, Barbara.


Kendra is one of six girls and two boys, and enjoys a rich heritage. Her mother grew up in Hollywood where her grandmother was an opera singer, and her grandfather was the chief makeup artist for Max Factor, and also the private secretary for Howard Hughes. Kendra's dad is one of seven musical brothers, having been raised by an equally musical mother and supportive father.


She is grateful to everyone that has been a part of her journey thus far and hopes to inspire generations to come.

© by Kendra Lowe